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Admission Unit [Major, Department, School]
College Admission Unit [Major, Department, School]
College of Humanities Department of Korean Language and Literature
School of English Language and Literature (English Literature and Linguistics Major/ English for Global Communication Major)
Department of Chinese Language and Literature
Department of Korean History
Department of Education (Number of Students to be Admitted: Under Three (3))
College of Social Sciences School of Public Administration and Public Policy (Public Administration Major/Public Policy Major)
Department of Political Science and Diplomacy
Department of Sociology
School of Communication (Mass Communication Major/ Advertising Major)
School of International & Area Studies (Russian Studies/ Japanese Studies/ Chinese Studies)
School of International & Area Studies(Global Korean Studies)
College of Law School of Law (Public Law Major/ Private Law Major)
College of Economics and Commerce Department of Economics
Department of Commerce and Finance
College of Business Administration School of Business Administration (Business Administration Major)
School of Business Administration (Business Analytics and Statistics Major)
School of Management Information Systems (Information Management Major/ Information Systems Major)
KMU International Business School (International Business Major)

School of Finance and Accounting(Fiance and Insurance Major)
School of Finance and Accounting(Accounting Major)
College of Engineering School of Advanced Materials Engineering (Advanced Materials Engineering Major)
School of Mechanical Systems Engineering (Mechanical Systems Engineering Major)
School of Mechanical Systems Engineering (Convergence Mechanical Engineering Major)
School of Civil & Environmental Engineering (Civil & Environmental Engineering Major)
College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science School of Electrical Engineering (Electrical Engineering Major)
School of Computer Science (Computer Science Major)
College of Automotive Engineering Department of Automotive Engineering
Department of Automotive Electronics and Information Technology
College of Forest Science Department of Forestry, Environment and Systems
Department of Forest Products and Biotechnology
College of Natural Sciences Department of Nano and Electronic Physics
Department of Bio and Nano Chemistry
Department of Mathematics
Department of Food and Nutrition
Department of Bio and Fermentation Convergence Technology
College of Architecture School of Architecture (Architectural Design Major[5 year course] / Architectural Systems Major[4 year course])
College of Design Department of Industrial Design
Department of Visual Communication
Department of Metalwork & Jewelry
Department of Ceramic
Department of Fashion Design
Department of Spatial Design
Department of Entertainment Design
Department of Automotive & Transportation Design
College of Arts School of Music Voice Major(Male)
Piano Major
Orchestral Instrument Major Violin (please see information below for specific majors)
School of Fine Arts Painting Major
Sculpture Major
School of Performing Arts Theatre Major
Cinema Major
Dance Major-Ballet
Dance Major-Korean Dance
Dance Major-Modern Dance
College of Physical Education School of Physical Education (Sport Education)
School of Physical Education (Sport Industry and Leisure)
School of Physical Education (Health and Rehabilitation Science)
KMU International School marked as (◆) is taught entirely in English.
Orchestral Instrument Major : Violin, Viola, Cello, ContraBass, Harp, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Saxophone, Horn, Trumpet, BassTrombone, TenorTrombone, Tuba, Euphonium, Percussion