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We organize diverse events and meetings for International families. At the beginning of each semester, there is an orientation session for undergraduate and graduate exchange students. It serve as a good opportunity for international students to get accustomed to their new lives at KMU. Two other events are organized annually. One is called a BBQ party held during the Spring semester and the other is the athletic meeting held during the Fall semester. In addition, diverse interchange programs are arranged by each faculty to support mixture with local students.

I. Club Activities
Kookmin University has about 70 clubs and they can be classified roughly into some major clubs such as academic, religious, athletic, or event & performance clubs. Every club performs club P.R. activities at the beginning of each term for the freshmen and the rest of the student body.

II. Creativity & Fun
Kookmin University has a variety of outlets for artistic activities such as exhibitions of art and design, and performances of music, dance, and drama. There are also presentations of movies made by the students majoring in cinema or other majors. This year the College of Art opened the Kookmin Art Center which has a gallery, a film studio, two theatres and three dance studios. There is also a concert hall for music and various other facilities for performances and exhibitions throughout the campus.

III. Festival
The General Students’ Association holds a big festival called “Daedongje” every May at Kookmin University. During the festival period, students participate in club introduction ceremonies, exhibitions, singing contests, dance competitions, and more. These events are arranged by individual clubs to promote themselves and so that students can enjoy and be exposed to different aspects of campus life.