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▥ Freshmen Admission
Application Requirements
- Nationality : The applicant and his/her parents must have foreign citizenship
- Education : The applicant must have completed or will complete
regular high school (graduate or graduate-to-be).
Required Documents
- Application form
- Self-introduction Essay and Study Plan
- A copy of applicant’s and parent’s ID
- Official documents verifying the relationship between the applicant and parents
(Family Register, Birth Certificate, Nationality, etc. issued by the government agency)
- High school graduation (scheduled) certificate
- High school transcript
- Certificate of Korean proficiency (Certificate of English proficiency(for KIS applicants only))
- Certificate of applicant’s bank balance
Semester Start : March、September
Tel : 82-910-5834~5835
※ Since this admission information is subject to change without prior notice, applicant should check the admission guideline on the KMU Website(http://iat.kookmin.ac.kr).