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Korean Language Program

The Korean Language Program was established in 2002 to provide Korean Language education to foreign students studying in Kookmin University.

Despite its relatively short history, The program which puts emphasis on the Korean language and cultural studies is continuously evolving as one of the largest program in the institute. In the five years of the Korean Language Program, over four hundred students from ten nations have completed the course of study.

The Regular Intensive Program was newly introduced in 2006. Our experienced teachers efficiently exploit a variety of teaching methodologies and resources and the classes are divided by skill level into Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced classes, and maintain a small classroom environment of less than fifteen students per class.

Kookmin University is adjacent to the beautiful Bukhansan National Park and enjoys a beautiful campus year round. The campus is well connected by the public transportation system of Seoul, allowing students to reach the historical sites of the old city within fifteen minutes. Students at Kookmin University's Korean Language Program learn not only the Korean Language, but also absorb the Korean culture and enjoy all that the cosmopolitan city of Seoul.

Location & Contact Information
  + Office : Global Center, Room. 205
+ Phone : +82-2-910-5815, 5818
+ Fax : +82-2-910-5810
+ Business Hours : 9:00 ~ 17:00 (Mondays~Fridays)
Vacation period : 9:30 ~ 16:00 (Mondays~Fridays)
+ Lunch Hours : 12:00~ 13:00
+ Email: kerryyang@kookmin.ac.kr
  I. Regular Intensive Program (10 Weeks Program)
  This program is designed to intensively train the speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills of the Korean language. The ten-week course will meet five times a week for four hours each day and is divided into four levels: beginning, intermediate 1, intermediate 2, and advanced. The level will be determined by placement test and each class will consist of fifteen students or less.
  II. Short-term Program (3 Weeks Program)
  This program is designed uniquely for Japanese, Chinese, and Southeast Asian students to intensively learn the Korean language and culture in a short period of time. The three-week course will meet five times a week for each day. There will be a culture experience class everyday and all students enrolled in this program will live on campus in the Kookmin University dormitories to live with the native Korean students and fully experience the Korean culture outside the classroom.
  III. Undergraduate Program (15 weeks program)
  The Undergraduate Program is a Korean language program for foreign students currently enrolled as undergraduates, and graduates at Kookmin University. Exchange students from sister university can take this class. This program Only open to credit-earning students, the course is divided into three levels : beginning, intermediate and advanced.
  IV. Customized Program
  The Customized Program answers the needs of government agencies, civilian companies, and multinational corporations, among others, for a flexible Korean language program. The time, period, location, contents, etc, of instruction are customized to the request of the client institution.